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There is only one way to recover cooking and food skills; These are the devices that will make your life easier

There is only one way to recover cooking and food skills; These are the devices

The lifestyle has changed, the rhythm of our daily life is not the same, so everyone needs household appliances that make our lives easier. The kitchen may be the favorite place of many of us, but the preparation of daily meals, the lack of inspiration, the repetition of recipes, the equipment that does not always respond to our needs, are the reasons that can quickly transform this place, into the less space favorite at home. And if you have a lot of pages on social networks and cookbooks for new recipes, in terms of equipment, we have the solution. The giant of household appliances and not only, SAMSUNG, in every device it creates for users, seems to anticipate any concern or any problem that may appear. Making Bespoke part of your life means optimizing devices in ways that simplify and empower your routine. By strengthening connectivity across the line and expanding AI into more product categories, Samsung is paving the way for an era new hyper-connected homes

Combining the latest Samsung SmartThings enhancements and AI technology, Bespoke products deliver a seamless home automation experience—one in which devices learn users' usage patterns and provide personalized automations based on the user's setup and lifestyle. their intelligent. To make it easier for consumers to enjoy those experiences, Samsung is integrating Wi-Fi support into all new Bespoke devices and will make the connection standard across all Samsung device lines in the coming years

There is only one way to recover cooking and food skills; These are the devices

The oven with the Dual Cook Steam and Dual Cook Flex system is the oven that will not only make one of your daily tasks, such as cooking, easier, but will turn this into a fun process. Cooking will be simpler and the results always professional thanks to the artificial intelligence (AI) of AI Pro Cooking. With this oven you can cook different meals with more flexibility and efficiency. The upper and lower zones of the Dual Cook Flex are used independently, thus allowing the preparation of the main course and the dessert at the same time. Thanks to the Dual Cook Steam system you can now enjoy healthier fried foods without a fryer. Air frying combines a special pan with the circulation of hot air that envelops the food. It is an ideal way to cook chips, potato wedges or even vegetables, as it eliminates excess fat but everything is crispy and browned on the outside and juicy on the inside.

One of the options that you will definitely like is self-cleaning. The catalytic line at the back of the oven interior absorbs grease from cooking splatters and drips. So it cleans itself without any hassle or expensive cleaning products. A pyrolytic cleaning system* heats the interior of the oven to burn off any grease and cooking residue. Every seat remains completely clean, with only a little ash to wipe away.

With Bespoke, all kitchen enthusiasts will not only rediscover their passion for the kitchen, but will also learn the tricks of how to store their meals thanks to Samsung Bespoke refrigerators. Thanks to the All Around Cooling system that cools every compartment evenly. It continuously controls the temperature and circulates cool air through strategically placed vents. So the food is kept at the optimal temperature and stays fresher for longer. In addition, the No Frost technology improves air circulation to maintain a constant temperature which prevents the accumulation of ice. Also, thanks to the Digital Inverter technology, the Samsung Bespoke refrigerator has no disturbing noises and is compliant with new energy regulations, helping you save energy.

Bespoke fridges and more bring a timeless aesthetic, reflecting the latest trends and are built to last. Home decor and your choices also say a lot about our personality, desires and passions. Personalized details are what make the difference and give even more personality to the private space, so make the right choices with BESPOKE.

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