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Former contestant of Big Brother VIP Sara Berisha presents her favorite car!

Former contestant of Big Brother VIP Sara Berisha presents her favorite car!

The summer season has started and everyone is involved in the "hunt" of the right days and moments, together with the most suitable means to get you away from the noise of the city, the heat of the asphalt and the air conditioners of the offices, towards the waves of the sea or the paths fresh from the mountains.

Sara Berisha, the famous blogger and former participant of the last Big Brother VIP edition, has made the sweetest escape to the south of the country.

In a video recently published on her channels, the fashion blogger is shown enjoying her time in Dhërmi, while driving one of Volkswagen's latest models: the Volkswagen T-Roc.

The unique style of Sara Berisha and the charm of the nature of that area appear in complete harmony with the elegant design and the tranquility that this model offers, on any terrain.

The T-Roc represents a new generation of SUVs from Volkswagen, which have integrated urban comfort with the strength of an off-road, offering a 4x4 option.

The numerous technological facilities and the curated design are felt in all the moments or environments that Sara, the ambassador of T-Roc in Albania, has chosen to visit and share with us.

The former VIP member of the most famous house in Albania, who stands out for the right choices in fashion, seems to make no mistakes even in the choices of transport. Its invitation to enjoy a different summer with the Volkswagen T-Roc comes at the right moment for many enthusiasts of true living and relaxation; to him with style and comfort.

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