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The most beautiful and original initiative to make a gift to a child in need! Why not do it in Tirana as well

The most beautiful and original initiative to make a gift to a child in need!

The idea is taken from the Neapolitan tradition "caffe sospesso" which means that whoever goes to a bar leaves money even for someone who can not afford to buy a coffee, orakitically pays a stranger. It is called suspended coffee, or reserve in Albanian.

This idea was taken from the city of Florence and will be developed for the Christmas holidays for children. Anyone who buys toys, if they have the desire and money to pay a gift and leave it for someone in need.

Nice idea or not ?! So original and human. Without appearing and without doing charity by showing it on instagram, facbook, television. Just do it. This is actually charity. Tiranapost has translated the article how this works and anyone who is inspired has the idea ready.

The most beautiful and original initiative to make a gift to a child in need!

Palazzo Vecchio, with the proposal of the Florentine toy store Dreoni, in view of the end-of-year holidays wanted to find a way to donate a Christmas holiday that could represent a small moment of joy even for those children who due to economic difficulties do not could receive gifts. In this way the "suspended or spare toy" initiative was undertaken.

Palazzo Vecchio, me këshilltaren për mirëqenien Sara Funaro dhe këshilltarin për tregti Federico Gianassi, hap fushatën e aderimit, me regjistrim online, për dyqanet e lodrave që duan të marrin pjesë, të cilat më pas do të mund të shfaqin një logo për tu identifikuar në faqen që do të hapet. Nga këto dyqane, kushdo që dëshiron mund të dhurojë diçka dhe ta lërë "të pezulluar". Më pas dhuratat do të mblidhen dhe do t'u dorëzohen marrësve përmes shoqatave vullnetare të koordinuara nga Bashkia. Duke qenë se dhuratat janë “të pezulluara”, Bashkia kryen një monitorim të situatës nga mesi i dhjetorit dhe në bazë të numrit të dhuratave të mbërritura identifikon fëmijët në nevojë që do tu shpërndahen këto dhurata."

"Suspended toy" will bring smiles to children of economically disadvantaged families - Funaro explains - who have unfortunately been added due to the pandemic. "Covid has brought many families to their knees, including many young couples with young children."

"It's a project we care about a lot - adds Gianassi - because it can bring joy to many children who are less likely to receive gifts during the Christmas period. At the same time, the economy of the local shops will be supported, which are also a social and cultural garrison of the city. ”

In the Citizen Network of the Municipality, persons who want to suspend a gift will find information on how to register in the project and citizens will be able to look at the shops where the "suspended toys" are.