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Immunity is the 'Intelligence of the body' and there is only one way to build it

Immunity is the 'Intelligence of the body' and there is only one way

Children should play in nature, they should not be isolated alone so that they don't get sick.

Immunity is the Intelligence of the body and is built only by the relationship of man with nature.

Lira Gjika explains it further.

"Scientists call immunity the "intelligence of the body" and like any intelligence it is learned and developed in childhood. Immunity has a property that develops or not according to the relationship of man with nature. The more a child plays in nature, in natural parks and made by man, the healthier and safer it becomes. If parents prevent the child from nature under the pretext that he gets sick and injured, in fact they do nothing else, but they prevent the development of the body's intelligence, which is immunity.

The child avoided from physical and sports activities remains with low resistance and prey to diseases as well as at the same time with poor self-defense reflexes, so these children are more exposed to accidents. Parents, with your fear of nature and "scary" games, you prevent the child from developing reflexes for self-defense and prevent the development of immunity. Attention parents, outdoor games with running, climbing trees or uphill roads, bathing in lakes or natural and artificial pools, are only health for your child. Don't panic because he sweated, got dirty or sprained his knee. Try to distinguish how happy God has shown himself", writes Lira Gjika.