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The things that people don't want to hear, but have to hear

The things that people don't want to hear, but have to hear

Others will treat you better when you take care of your physical appearance. The phrase "I don't care what other people think" is just not smart. You don't take care of yourself for others, but for yourself.

Other people can invest in you, but only when you are already successful. There are hundreds of thousands of talented and hardworking young people out there. However, powerful and wealthy people are selective. So don't wait for the miracle to come or find the shortest way. Make your journey steadily.

You will be more reliable for others when you have financial stability. Because sometimes even from poverty, many people are more interested in the salary than in the work. Victimization puts you in a vicious circle that is not worth it.

They will respect you more when you don't struggle to earn the respect of others. Stop thinking how to impress others. Your future self will thank you. The more you seek the appreciation of others, the more they will put you down.

Happy people want to date those who are happy. As long as you are bored, irritated, depressed, you will not attract the right people around you. If you don't like the friends you have now, work on yourself and change the first one.

There is nothing cool about working without hope. The fact that you are suffering does not make you a better person. Sacrifices may be necessary, but there should also be rewards from time to time.

Life is short. Lives and dies. Many people with whom life has crossed paths in the past, have completely forgotten your existence. So relax. Keep your feet on the ground. Don't think you know it all. Be ambitious, but not greedy. Be open-minded, but not confused. Be curious, but not distracted.