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Six unusual ways to unleash your creativity

Six unusual ways to unleash your creativity
Whether creativity is part of work or a hobby, we can all get stuck sometimes. And when the "well of inspiration" runs out, it's time to have a more creative approach to creativity...

Look for the color blue

According to color psychology, blue can stimulate creative thinking, encouraging us to try new things, while having a calming effect. So the next time you need a creative boost, surround yourself with this color. Either go outside and enjoy the blue sky, visit the coast to marvel at the sea view, or simply add lots of blue to your office and home environment. You can even try wearing more blue clothes and see for yourself how you feel.

Read/watch/listen to things that are outside of your normal tastes

Do you tend to stick to the same genres when reading books, watching TV or listening to music? Feed your curiosity by exploring genres you wouldn't normally try. Do you like a romance novel? Why not try a science fiction book? Are you a big fan of rock music? Ok, but try to immerse yourself in the world of RnB music for a while.

Behave often like the "child" inside you

Children are naturally creative, so who better to be inspired by than them? Dust off your bike and go for a walk or build a paper house. All of these help curb overthinking, and encourage you to experience the world in a more child-like and curious way.

Spend more time with creative people

The types of people we spend time with every day can influence our worldview. So if you want to be more creative, try to spend more time with creative colleagues. This can be a personal meeting or an online chat.

Take a few silent pauses

The world can be a noisy place at times, and this can negatively affect our thinking. So try to take some silent breaks during your day, where there is no music or internet surfing. Allow yourself every day to sit somewhere and be quiet for a few minutes to give space to your thoughts.

Keep a journal of your dreams while you sleep

Our dreams in our sleep are often strange, and seem to us to be meaningless in the vast majority of cases. But they can also be a source of inspiration. So always keep a notepad and pen by your bed, and open it as soon as you wake up to describe the dream you had. The key here is speed. Because trying to remember a dream is like trying to fill water with a net! Later you can look back and enjoy the absurdity.