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Mistakes in the "Squid Game" series that you may not have noticed

Mistakes in the "Squid Game" series that you may not have noticed


The Netflix Squid Game series is enjoying a huge moment of popularity, but fans have noticed some bugs and shared them on social media

Among these errors is a phone number that appears on the screen which is a real number and its owner has received thousands of calls.

Also, a bank account number that appears in another section, was also a real account, belonging to one of the manufacturers. Some people started sending money to the account, which is now closed.

Mistakes in Squid Game

* If you have not seen the series yet, I suggest you watch it once and then return to the article to see if you have understood any of these errors.

Our eyes were always on the main characters, for this reason you probably did not notice that the uniform with a certain number was sometimes a man and then changed with a woman. This happened repeatedly, but one of the most notable cases happened with participant 061.

In the second game, the contestants had to choose a figure without being sure what it means, one of them is an umbrella, but a small failure of continuity causes the figure to change from one moment to the next.


In an interview with CNN, series director Huang Dong-hyuk said some of the unresolved issues from the first season would be addressed in a second season.

One of the great mysteries left unclear relates to the story of the alleged leader of the organization, of whom we know very little.

Then there is the story of what really happened to Detective Jun-ho. These and more can be clarified in the second season of Squid Game.