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The perfect horror movie that inspired countless creators

The perfect horror movie that inspired countless creators

The 1978 movie "Halloween", for all its fame, looks weird compared to the countless movies that have followed it. In John Carpenter's special masterpiece, we see a masked serial killer named Michael Myers killing people in the fictional city of Haddonfield. In the opening scene of Halloween Kills, a group of firefighters rescue Myers from a burning building. He immediately kills 11 of them.

Firefighters will not be long remembered in Haddonfield, nor the many other people Myers kills. The "Halloween" universe now includes 12 films, released over 43 years. In a typical franchise, every movie builds on what has come after it.

Halloween II, in 1981, proved that Laurie Strode was actually his sister. Halloween III told a story of its own, but then a fourth, fifth, and sixth film included Michael following Laurie's daughter.

Halloween H20, in 1998 deleted the events of Halloween 4 to 6. Laurie was killed in a sequel to Halloween H20, and then David Gordon Green ran Halloween 2018, which ignored every version except the first.

The 2018 film Green at least tried to really face the events of the 1978 film: It was proved that Michael was imprisoned and Laurie was a traumatized one who had turned into a survivor who was preparing for his return.

After 105 extremely bloody minutes, Halloween Kills ends by creating another chapter. Green and company are already working on Halloween Ends, which is expected to hit the market in 2022.

But even if they try to kill Michael Myers once and for all, other filmmakers will continue to work to find new perspectives with the same irreplaceable antagonistic character. "Halloween" will never end.