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The sober party that Generation Z prefers

The sober party that Generation Z prefers

When you say "party" did you also say "alcohol"? Not necessarily. Younger generations are less and less attracted to alcohol consumption, which is why the so-called "sober parties" are spreading. Naturally, the question arises: can you have fun without drinking a glass?

What are sober holidays?

Sober parties are social and fun events where alcohol consumption is prohibited. These parties focus on fun and social experiences that do not involve alcohol, offering an alternative way to have fun and connect with others.

Sober parties are nothing new, but they were originally popular and spread almost exclusively among people who had recovered from a history of alcoholism. Now they are more and more widespread even among those who have never had an addiction, but who choose this type of party.

Why are sober holidays in trend?

1. Health and well-being

More and more people are aware of the health benefits of reducing or eliminating alcohol consumption. Sober holidays offer an opportunity to have fun in a healthy and mindful way.

2. Lifestyle trends

The trend towards a different lifestyle, less associated with the consumption of alcohol as a means of socializing, is affecting entertainment choices, especially in the case of young people, such as those belonging to Generation Z.

3. Inclusion

Sober parties are inclusive and welcoming to all, regardless of personal choice to consume alcohol, related to cultural, religious, health choices or past addictions.

The origin of these holidays is in Sweden, but the trend quickly spread to the United States, the United Kingdom and then the rest of the world.

Even in Italy, however, it has begun to make progress, especially in big cities and among young people, although the arrival of this trend was talked about a few years ago.

The relationship between Gen Z and alcohol

Generation Z shows a different attitude towards alcohol compared to previous generations. On the one hand, many young Gen Zs are oriented towards a healthier and more mindful lifestyle, with a greater focus on mental and physical health.

On the other hand, a growing number of studies show how Gen Z has less and less need to drink alcohol to feel comfortable. A study conducted by Bumble, a dating app, found that on a first date, 34% of respondents prefer a non-alcoholic dinner.