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What do men notice most in the first meeting?

What do men notice most in the first meeting?

When you meet a guy for the first time, you are excited, a little scared of what he will think! You dress in the best way and refrain from some common actions you do.

But what do men really look like, how do they really judge you when you first meet them?

Some details you need to know:


Sure you could say this is so shallow, but it's human nature! Men see how much effort you put into the first meeting. Have you overdone it with makeup? how is your hair What are you wearing? Are you trying too hard to impress? Oh, they notice it all.


How are you doing in conversations? Can you discuss different topics? He can bombard you with questions and the movement of your eyes shows him how much confidence you have in yourself.

Your interest in him

You dig into questions and conversations and what you want to know is in a way a reflection of yours. What are you looking for? Want to know how much he earns and his lifestyle? Is he intelligent? Car? Your interests will be judged by your questions.

How intelligent you are

During the bidet men can ask you many questions to assess your intelligence. In some cases they even make provocations.