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What can happen to your body if you stop using deodorant? 

What can happen to your body if you stop using deodorant?

If you're like most people, you probably start your morning with a shower and brushing your teeth, and a swipe or spray of your favorite deodorant. But while many of us can't imagine going to work without putting on deodorant, using it on a daily basis can do more harm than good.

Giving up deodorant may seem counterintuitive, but doing so can benefit your health in many surprising ways.

1. It can be better for your reproductive health.

When choosing a deodorant, you probably want it to smell nice and last long enough to cover up unpleasant body odor. But the ingredients that make your deodorant stick to your skin can actually be quite harmful to your health. For example, the phthalates that give your deodorant its long-lasting qualities can disrupt your hormonal balance and even lead to reproductive and other health problems.

2. It can naturally reduce body odor.

As counterintuitive as it sounds, ditching deodorant can actually make your natural body odor less noticeable. Because antiperspirants use antimicrobial ingredients to kill the bacteria in your armpits, it allows other, even more unpleasant odor-producing bacteria to multiply. Using deodorant on a daily basis can make your body odor stronger, and stopping its use can reduce the odor.

3. It can benefit your skin's natural microbiome.

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4. Ndoshta as nuk ju nevojitet.

Many of us apply deodorant or antiperspirant simply out of habit, but chances are you may not need to use it every day. Scientists have discovered that a gene called ABCC11 determines whether people have a certain chemical in their armpits that causes an unpleasant body odor. It turns out that some people lack this gene, but still use deodorant regularly. If you think your armpits aren't really that smelly, consider giving yourself a break from antiperspirants and deodorants.