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What did Albanians search for on Google this year?

What did Albanians search for on Google this year?

At a time when the world is increasingly digitized, the Internet is the main source to explore, be informed and share a variety of ideas.

For Albanians, Google is the virtual window that opens every day for their knowledge, news, and curiosities.

In 2023, Google searches for Albania have undergone a constant stream of changes and developments.

From technological developments to local gastronomy, from the most important global events to what I can visit on the weekend, these are some of the searches during the month, according to Google Trends.

In a specific research of the last 12 months, it is noted that there are two very big interests displayed among the searches of Albanians.

The first is about ChatGpt, the already well-known platform for using Artificial Intelligence.

While the second most frequent search is 'job-marketing announcements in Tirana,' which has surpassed even searches for 'looking for a job in Germany'.

In recent days, the search for "European 2024" has increased, taking into consideration the successive victories of our national football team.

Other searches include:

- Ryanair, in the last month, has been in top research considering the entry of a new low-cost flight operator in Albania.

- Luiz Ejlli- even after months of the end of the reality show, the search for the winner of this year's Big Brother Vip continues.

– Google Translate, Weather, National Holidays 2023.

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