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What is "sex" for men without being provocative?

What is "sex" for men without being provocative?

Now being sex is very subjective, it depends on each person's point of view and on many factors, including how you behave, act, routine, personality, in addition to what you are wearing. Sometimes, you can catch the eye of a man even wearing pajamas. So here are some things that women tend to do unconsciously, which men consider very sexy, without being provocative.

Laughing at his jokes

Even if it is a joke of incoherence, when you laugh without being aware, men consider it very sexy. This is why you will notice that they make nonsensical jokes over and over and watch you (for your reaction).

Exposure to maternal instincts

It’s weird, but strangely, they consider it sex! If a woman accidentally becomes playful with a child, it attracts men.

When they do childish behavior

Men go crazy when girls behave like children and you look very sexy.

When you drink

Not in a profound sense, but this action for men can seem very sexy. Order a cup of coffee, whiskey or whatever, and continue to drink it slowly. This they like.

When you lead the way

If you are on a trip and you are taking a walk together, what makes you look sexy to her is when you drive down the road.


Knowing football players, or the rules of the game, seems very sexy on the part of men.