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Do you know why Skanderbeg was called George?

Do you know why Skanderbeg was called George?

Today is the feast of St. George! On this date, May 6, 1405, Gjergj Kastrioti Skënderbeu was born. George got his name from the party and the party got its name from George.

In Serbia, or Turkey (mostly Muslim countries) the holiday starts on May 5 and continues until May 15. That is why Skanderbeg was called Gjergj, because he was born in this period. According to the Orthodox calendar, the feast of St. George is on April 23. In Albania, in honor of Gjergj Kastriot Skënderbeu, it is celebrated on May 6, his birthday. Thus the holiday takes on not only religious but also national dimensions.

How is a day of St. George described?

On St. George's Day you should wake up early in the morning, wash then hang the wild pumpkin around the neck that mothers usually prepare (made from a kind of plant that is like potatoes, cut into small pieces and made a red and white thread necklace ); then one went around the river to get green willow branches, then one goes to the mill and to the mill spoon to wash the willow branches, the face, and the branches were taken home, but care had to be taken not to touch the ground, then these branches hung at the gate of the house.

The story of our National Hero then everyone knows.