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Some of the foods you shouldn't eat at the beach

Some of the foods you shouldn't eat at the beach

First of all, it is important to know that on the beach you should not consume too much food, in order to stay light and not heavy.

For lunch, light dishes such as a mixed salad with some bread and a normal-sized ice cream are enough.

On the beach, they should not miss fruit, healthy food that contains a lot of water.

What are the foods that should not be consumed on the beach?

Not recommended on the beach: cheese, fried potatoes, eggs, salami, sausages of all kinds, foods based on dairy products, croissants, cookies with cream, mayonnaise and all processed foods.

The chefs advise to eat a simple and healthy lunch, with natural ingredients to avoid provoking acidity and heartburn.

So even on the beach lunch can be delicious and healthy, just choose a fresh mixed salad or just an ice cream.

Especially for children, it is advisable not to give them fried food and cookies to eat, but a bowl of cereal.

In the meantime, if you intend to cool off during the heat in the restaurants near the sea drinking classic sodas, don't do it anymore! Any drinks, from the classic Cola to sparkling water, are completely prohibited products before going to the sea, or while you are on the beach. By avoiding them, you will also be able to avoid bloating your belly.

Likewise, chewing gum is also not advisable as it may actually seem like the last product that is related to your belly bloat, but it also has a negative impact. During the time you chew it, you also take in considerable air, causing an annoying and certainly not aesthetic bloating in the body.