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Menstrual cramps be legitimate reasons to miss school. This father's petition collects 50 thousand signatures

Menstrual cramps be legitimate reasons to miss school. This father's

'Dysmenorrhea', caused by severe and frequent menstrual cramps is the reason for a petition undertaken by Marcus Alleyne, the father of a 13-year-old in the UK.

In a petition to the Department of Education, Marcus Alleyne writes that on September 22, one of his 13-year-old daughters had to miss school because of these globally recognized pains. The girl was absent, but the school did not justify her absence, recording her in the register as "unjustified absence".

Alleyne adds that the incident raises significant concerns about the physical, mental and social well-being of not only his daughters, but all girls suffering from the same situation, once a month.

He published his petition and collected 50,000 signatures, far more than he had set for himself. It requires that the absence for the cause of pain from the menstrual cycle be legally recognized as "absence for health reasons".

In an interview with Sky News earlier this week, Alleyne revealed details about his family experience.

"We as parents thought not to take her to school that day, so I called the secretary to inform her that the girl was not well. Our phone call lasted half an hour because they were asking for details why the girl was not feeling well. I was asked if it was due to menstrual cramps, and I said yes. "I was told that the absence would be unjustified and from that moment my wife and I decided to do something," says Alleyne.

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