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New details from Stephanie Grisham's book: Working with Trump, I was part of something very diabolical

New details from Stephanie Grisham's book: Working with Trump, I was part

For the past four years, Donald Trump has been like an inspirational muse for the people he has been with and worked with to write books. Stephanie Grisham is neither the first nor perhaps the last who has spent the years she worked in the White House in a book.

Grisham has held the position of press secretary, House and White, and First Lady Chief of Staff Melania Trump.

It reveals how, at the G20 in Osaka, President Trump told Vladimir Putin that he would act 'a little tougher' on him for the cameras, and after they left, they would talk. Putin took with him Fiona Hill, an attractive translator to their meeting, certainly as a means of distracting the president (and it worked). Reveals how the president asked her then-boyfriend how he was in bed. How he ordered her to tell a political ally in Arizona to stop wearing sleeveless clothes because he thought her arms were ugly. How he underwent a colonoscopy without anesthesia just to not let Mike Pence be on top, in his place, even for an hour. Both Jared and Ivanka were called 'interns' by White House colleagues who thought they were both incompetent.

Stephanie denies allegations that he thought of the book when he was working at the White House. She swears she did not keep a diary during the 2016 campaign, or during the four years she worked at the White House. She did not preserve documents or download an archive of her official communications, before resigning on January 6, during the Capitol uprising. She had not even been prepared to leave.

Today, after the publication of the book, Grisham speaks about the work in the White House and especially the situation promoted by Trump with the attacks on the Capitol, that he has realized that he has been part of something extremely bad and that he will follow forever. "I believe I was part of something extremely evil," he said. "I hope it has been a lesson for our country and I will try to make sure that at least the bad one does not return," she said.