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Send these messages to your loved one if he is ignoring you

Send these messages to your loved one if he is ignoring you

There are moments when you feel neglected by the partner or boy you are dating, especially when everything had gone well so far. It can be very frustrating when the guy you are dating is not responding to your messages and you are constantly checking your phone. You keep asking yourself what to do next, what to write and so on.

So here are some text messages you can send him:

Hey, I'm here if you want to talk

There are times when you feel like the guy is ignoring you, but in reality, you realize he was just having a bad time. Therefore, before you assume the worst, it is best to first ask him and let him know that you are close to him if he wants to speak and that you will not judge. A soothing message should be your first step.

Are you okay? I'm worried

This text message breaks the strongest stones ever because that's all they want someone to say to them. In a patriarchal society, men are conditioned not to show their weakness or to express their fears and concerns. But in texts, today people have become a little more expressive. So try sending this message first.

So this happened ...

If he has not spoken to you for a while and you have not spoken either, break the ice and text him any fun news or information you have about him. You will surely be surprised by the quick response.

I'm sorry

One sorry I never sit down. If he is not responding to your message, just say you're sorry if you said something wrong and then ask if he is ready to talk. This dialogue comes into play if you have done something wrong that may have hurt his feelings.