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The door you knock on tells about your personality

The door you knock on tells about your personality

This test is designed to penetrate deep into the human subconscious. Choose a door that attracts you the most and where you would like to knock. The choice will reveal the true personality traits, nature, character, behavior style, weaknesses and strengths. Quite a bit, isn't it?

Did you choose?

If you chose black

You are fond of simple and orderly things. You like a minimalist and hassle-free kind of life. You are very proud of your personal and professional achievements. You may also have a desire for careers that allow you to express your authentic self without any filter. You may tend to succeed in your academic and professional life. You may have a love for extravagant things. You can focus on details and not on many things. You want to maintain a balance between your emotional and mental well-being. You can be open to opportunities that reward you with unforgettable experiences. You may try to push your limits beyond the unknown.

If you chose orange

You are usually good at many things. You can be a good juggler of different professions or jobs. You may want to take on different things or projects at the same time. You like to divide your energies between different tasks. You have the ability to do extraordinary things. You might be the type who can make an amazing masterpiece out of thrift store finds. You like to work with old things to give them a contemporary look. You can also be very energetic and sometimes get too carried away in the spirit of enthusiasm and ambition. You can also be quite expressive with your thoughts and ideas. Talk endlessly about topics you are passionate about.

If you chose red

You are a very confident and detail-oriented person. You like to present yourself as a package with a perfectly tied ribbon even though you may have the house untidy or the dishes unwashed. You are very concerned about how the world sees you. You can get overwhelmed if things don't go your way. You can also become the biggest self-critic. Sometimes you may experience losses due to self-destructive habits. You have to concentrate a lot to be real. Talk sometimes to understand who you really are, what you want to do in life.