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Which artists have been government spies?

Which artists have been government spies?

Are there government spies among artists and influential people today? Some say Yes and accuse Taylor Swift. Some say No. Maybe there is! Maybe no. What is known is that history has known government spies in the ranks of artists,

Magician Harry Houdini was allegedly recruited by the British and American governments to spy on military movements and new technology such as airplanes, developments that followed the First World War.

Throughout World War II, actress and singer Josepine Baker had become close to German officials and shared their secrets with the Resistance.

American-German actress Marlene Dietrich volunteered to work as a volunteer at an institution like the CIA, an earlier version of the CIA. She created a radio propaganda to demoralize the Axis forces.

In 1970 Elvis Presley volunteered to work with President Richard Nixon against "brainwashing, communists and drug abuse". It's not that he made a name, but he took advantage of a bejja that he hoped would allow him to travel anywhere in the world with guns and pills.

Do you know any stories?