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ChatGpt weakens memory and skills

ChatGpt weakens memory and skills

Using technology to perform certain tasks significantly reduces the brain's ability to complete tasks in the manner and time frame required.

This conclusion is more important than ever in the era of Artificial Intelligence in which we are living.

Following a research by the FAST School of Management in Islamabad, the results of the study were published in the International Journal of Educational Technology.

The survey specifically focused on the consequences of using ChatGpt for students. The most popular system they use is that of OpenAI.

About 165 university students (all enrolled in Pakistani universities) were the subject of the survey: in the first phase the authors asked them about the degree of their dependence on chatbots in their daily routine.

It turned out that when students faced a heavier workload and were subject to tighter deadlines, they were more likely to use ChatGpt.

This was accompanied at the same time with the trend of "deceleration and weakening of memory" as well as "deterioration of academic performance".

Have you started using ChatGPT?