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Bartenders show why they hate to prepare 'Espresso Martin', the most fashionable drink

Bartenders show why they hate to prepare 'Espresso Martin', the most

Sasha Minkovsky, who works at a tech company in Manhattan, still remembers the night, earlier this summer, when she saw how an entire grass staff became a mess. It was at Dr. Clark, in Chinatown that it became a hit. And on this special night, everyone wanted the same drink: an espresso martini.

"There were a lot of people out there doing karaoke in a small space and it was like a fire had broken out. Everyone was ordering. It was chaos. You can not even move on the grass. There was glassware everywhere. Someone from the staff joined the others and said: We need to do something about this. One of the boys then shouted: 'No more! Please! "There is no more Espresso Martini", she says.

This was not an isolated incident. Sounds surprising, but it is true: Espresso Martini is the most used drink of 2021. It is like Red Bull Vodka of the late 2000s.

"I probably made more Espresso Martini last year than in the rest of my bartender job," says New York City bartender Ben Rojo. The demand has become so extreme that, at Café Altro Paradiso, in Soho, the bar staff gets their espresso ahead of time to prepare for the flood of orders coming in every night.

However the unique composition of this drink can cause problems for bartenders. The problem is not only in the composition but also in the mixture. "Not a few times he exploded in my shirt and left stains on me, then I have to shake a lot," says someone else.

Another bartender says: “The popularity makes the drink even more frustrating because it is impossible to tell if people really like it, or just drink it because it is fashionable. "This is disgusting."

Another Orlando bartender Franklin McCray recounts his efforts to avoid making drinks. "I do not keep the ingredients on the counter so we do not make them. "I would not say that there is a drink that I hate to make, but that is annoying."

How is it prepared?

About 50 ml of vodka, 25 ml of coffee liqueur, 50 ml of espresso and 25 ml of simple syrup in a "shaker" filled with ice that should be shaken until combined and cooled well. Then drain into a glass and garnish with a few coffee beans.