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Possible reasons why no one is hiring you 

Possible reasons why no one is hiring you

There can be a number of reasons why you are not getting hired, despite the efforts you are making to perfect your CV. And it is absolutely necessary to identify the reasons why your application is not what is being selected. Below are some reasons that may have influenced your non-employment.

You are applying for the wrong job

First ask yourself, what are you good at and what exactly do you plan for your career? Identifying your top interests will help you filter jobs where you can have a much better chance of getting hired.

Your CV is not tailored to meet the requirements

One obvious mistake you can make is to send a general CV or cover letter for all the jobs you have applied for. No one will understand how your skills will meet the relevant needs of a job. It just shows that you lack accuracy and enough effort to make it look professional.

You are not preparing for the interview questions

Lack of confidence and inability to answer questions correctly in an interview will definitely cost you. Although your resume may seem impressive, it means little if you can not answer the questions with gait and accuracy.