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Apple Vision Pro is spectacular and sad

Apple Vision Pro is spectacular and sad

Apple Vision Pro wants to merge life outside the computer with life inside it. The challenge may be insurmountable, writes Ian Bogost for the Atlantic

The headset, which retails for around $3,499, is finally available after months of hype. They offer two innovations in one, reports Bogost: “a virtual reality (VR) headset with a higher resolution than most others on the market, and a set of augmented reality (AR) cameras that allow the user to see ordinary applications computers and allows him to interact with them through hand gestures.

To make AR work, a switch on the top of the device can create a simulated space and replace it with a live video source, overlaid in real-time with software. It's this last feature that most distinguishes the device from other headphones—and from other devices in general.

Computers help people work, live and play, but they also separate us from the world. Apple Vision Pro attempts to end that era and usher in a new one."