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Anonymous: Anything durable will be hacked

Anonymous: Anything durable will be hacked

Could one of the most influential cyberactivist groups in the history of the internet be an online joke? The story of the hacker group " Anonymous " is exactly the story of something similar. It is the story of how a giant troll , created from the most marginal parts of the network , has destroyed many sites , and penetrated the servers of governments in the largest countries of the world, raising a global challenge to the powers that guide it.

A group whose symbol is a famous mask that personifies anonymity, and which has rightly or wrongly become a symbol of global protests. " Anonymous " has been a catalyst on various occasions. He has repeatedly reappeared on stage to give a cybernetic dimension to various real-world battles.

At the beginning of the last decade, " Anonymous " accompanied the Arab Spring protests . It also gradually merged with various other movements, in connection with as many historical turning points, and most recently with the protests of the " Black Lives Matter " movement in the United States and actions of cyberactivism in support of Ukraine. after the Russian invasion .

However, even though " Anonymous " does not have a face, its name was available - and still is - to anyone who wants to adopt it to leave a "signature" on operations of various kinds , and against opponents who are not always identified.

In fact, " Anonymous " is not an organized group with a known structure and program . It supports an idea, which can be freely repeated while wearing a mask.

The history of " Anonymous " has developed in several stages. The first phase was at the beginning of the last decade, when its cyber operations appeared to be one of the most powerful forces in the world . It was often followed by less visible phases, in which the influence of " Anonymous " suddenly faded, perhaps to the point of complete disappearance.

But like a Hydra, " Anonymous " continues to appear cyclically, perhaps without the impact of a few years ago, but still manages to leave a mark whenever possible. Activism hacking has never been more political than it is today, and its use in the context of activism is now a central phenomenon on the web, and a tool for direct action.

" Anonymous " has represented many things. But now it is other groups that are carrying on his legacy, albeit on a less global and collective level. So the global and anonymous revolt of " Anonymous " has broken down into smaller and identifiable causes, which are finding spaces for action and opportunities for development in the network.

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