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What you see in this picture reveals how you experience the relationship

What you see in this picture reveals how you experience the relationship

Interesting how a simple visual test can reveal details of personality or the way you experience relationships.

Look at this picture and show: what did you see first?

If you saw a woman

You are a man who loves foolishly. Your feelings are pure. You have a gentle and romantic spirit. Passionate, empathetic, generous, gives attention and care to the partner. Unfortunately, this does not prevent you from often finding yourself heartbroken because of the sentimental disappointments that seem to haunt you. But once the wounds heal, you return to love without filters or obstacles.

If you saw a man

You are a person who tends to protect his feelings. It is difficult to understand exactly how you feel about others, how deep your emotions are. Believing is hard for you. There are very few people with whom you open up and who fully know your heart. You do not need quantity but quality. This is why you are only surrounded by valuable people.

If you saw a candlestick

You are a direct and self-confident person. You want a romantic relationship and for that you are not willing to accept compromises. You are always very clear and not afraid to show your feelings and emotions. Sometimes you are even considered cheeky, but the opinion of others, especially when you think it is inappropriate and superficial, matters very little to you.

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