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The main skill that successful people have, says Arnold Schwarzenegger

The main skill that successful people have, says Arnold Schwarzenegger

By Arnold Schwarzenegger/ Being curious and being a good listener are an important part of how you use your relationship with other people in pursuit of your goals.

Most valuable skill: Asking good 'how' and 'why' questions

At the gym, if I saw someone trying a new training technique that didn't make sense to me, I would ask them about it because maybe it would help.

My questions served multiple purposes. The answers, if they made sense, would ease any doubts or worries I may have.
But most important of all, asking good "how" and "why" questions about something you're interested in increases the chances that the information will stick in your brain.

That's why I enjoyed being governor more than any job I've ever had. It was an opportunity to get all this information about how our society runs while being able to use that information to help millions of people.
I was learning all the time. The more I learned and the more questions I asked the people who were teaching me, the more I understood how things were connected and the more of a leader I became.

Of course, I was lucky. As governor, even if I wasn't naturally curious, I could get people to explain things about how the state worked until it made sense to me, no matter how long it took.

Most people are not so lucky. They do not have the power to make others explain the world to them. They have to try to figure it out on their own, which can be very intimidating and very discouraging without support.

This, I believe, is one of the reasons so many people feel stuck in their lives. They live in a world they don't fully understand. The world is what it is, and they are who they are, and it's something they have to accept and deal with.