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London Airport removes 100ml limit for liquids in carry-on bags

London Airport removes 100ml limit for liquids in carry-on bags

London airport becomes the first in the UK to remove the 100ml liquid limit rule in hand luggage. The decision was made at the best time, on the eve of the Easter holidays when there are even more flights.

The east London airport will be the first in the UK to make changes to restrictions that have been in place since 2006.

This is thanks to new high-tech CT machines, similar to those used in hospitals, which will replace the old scanners.

They are able to achieve high-resolution 3D scanning of passenger bags, meaning staff can easily inspect them from all angles. Instead of 100 ml, the liquid limit will now be two liters in hand luggage.

Also, passengers will no longer have to put lotions and cosmetics in a plastic bag when going through the security gate.

This also applies to laptops, which will not need to be scanned separately. A spokesman for London City Airport told The Times: "A new state-of-the-art CT scanner will be added at the end of March, meaning anyone flying in the run-up to Easter will be able to carry laptops and liquids until in two liters inside their bags.”

Airport chief executive Robert Sinclair noted the technology would also help avoid long security lines.

The new machines and new rules will be implemented at all major UK airports in the coming months.

The government announced in December 2022 a deadline of June 2024 to deploy the new technology everywhere.