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A duken demotes millennials

A duken demotes millennials

America's largest living generation is heading into middle age.

Joseph Bernstein is a 39-year-old who sometimes feels very old.

Millennials are the ones who frequent third-hand coffee shops and mommy-and-me yoga classes.

They have grown up. They've reached middle age and it seems like 72.2 million complaints are heard in unison: Oh, how these joints hurt. Hair loss has started, if not, whitening and signs of aging are showing.

Now they must work harder than ever to stay culturally relevant, as Generation Z and Generation Alpha command the attention of marketing and media departments.

Millennials are currently between the ages of 28 and 43, which means a significant number of them are still too young to run for president (referring to America's president).

According to psychologist Erik Erikson, a 36-year-old is entering the stage of early old age.

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