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Would you spend the night in a zero star hotel without walls?

Would you spend the night in a zero star hotel without walls?

"I could not sleep" and "my room was too noisy" may be the complaints most hoteliers fear from their guests. But for the Riklin brothers in Switzerland this is all the purpose of their latest artistic installation.

Swiss concept artists have launched a zero-star 'Anti-idyllic' hotel, where guests have a double bed on a platform without walls or ceiling, set on the side of the road.

The goal is for the guests to think about all the problems in the world, the twin brothers said, and to inspire them to act differently.

"In this new anti-idyllic version, sleep is not the goal," said Frank Ricklin. "What is important is to reflect on the current world situation. Staying here is a statement of the need for urgent change in society."

Guests are invited to explore topics such as climate change, humanity's endless war and competition for perfection, and the damage it does to the planet.

"In short, now is not the time to sleep, we have to react," said Patrick Ricklin. "If we continue in the same direction we are today, there may be more anti-idyllic than idyllic places."

The rooms, which come with a concierge service offering drinks and breakfast, will be available from 1 July until 18 September. Price for an imperfect night's sleep: 322 euros (325 Swiss francs).