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8 things you probably did not know about breathing

8 things you probably did not know about breathing

Of course, f rymëmarrja n h im jet mask is not so pleasant, but we are already accustomed to t o , should be protected from Covida -19 , and prevent the spread of coronavirus and its variants. On the other hand, we can not help but breathe .

Once in ëpërmjet breathing we can furnish lungs it s our with the necessary oxygen , for t h enable the functioning of the rest of the body and brain function. Here which are s 10 scientific curiosities about this fascinating mechanism of life.

1 . M s soni t h breathe h properly

One of the respiratory characteristics is , s and even though it is an autonomous process, carried out spontaneously in moments to the unconscious ous as p h r example , when we sleep, it is at the same time a mechanism that can be modulated voluntarily. Moreover, we can not do change our way of breathing not only currently but also p h r a h period s long, learning new habits through various practices, as for example J oga.

2 . Breathing n ë figures

Under normal conditions, adults breathe 12 - 20 times a minute , and up to 20 thousand times a day. This means that on average we can inhale and exhale about 8 liters of air per minute , and 11 . 520 liters of air to or 24 h . But this amount only about 21 p s r cent contains oxygen, and 78 p s r cent is nitrogen , and 1 p h r cent .

3 . We put air in xjerrim water h

If breathing allows us q h of oxygen from the air we breathe, we draw a lot of water during the extraction s s him . According to Polish magazine estimates " Pneumonologji a and Alergologji a" , lo n h n h q of t s like , people derive p h rmes breath s up to 17.5 milliliters of water h per hour, an amount that increases by about 4 times when we have aë physical exertion.

According to the scientific journal ' FASEB Journal " , women find it harder to breathe than men when perform s an exercise physical strong. Reason? The smaller the size of the airways, which increases the work of the muscles of the respiratory system. In future it s d ori , can help us investigate the diversity of which appear several lung disease between the sexes.

5 . W is h m s mir s breathing through the nose

It is m h 's preferable that as it orally, as you give the opportunity t s " filter " the inhaled air, to clean it. And according to a study published in the G azetën Brazilian Otorinolaringology, with mouth breathing can modify the facial growth , and cause morphological changes throughout the body.

6 . Lungs: Like very long sponges

The air we breathe is further filtered by the lungs, which play a vital role in respiration. Besides being " sponges " to MAHN of TSH h m , the lungs are too big . How to create get an idea of their inner surface, it will occupy an area equal to that of a tennis court (80 square meters).

The way we breathe stick found ton s psychological , especially when we pass by quickly h as the one emotion to another due to stress. U specific admissions breathing , can help us manage emotions such as anger and fear, by improving humor, but also health n h p h rgjith s as well.

8 . Against anxiety and stress

Disciplines such as yoga, which focuses on breathing or can help us be a fight depression. To prove this, a University of Pennsylvania study n h USA, q s assessed the effects of J ogës of k 25 patients with severe disorders of depression , found benefits equal to or greater than the ones by the use of antidepressant medications.

According to a study published in 2017 in Applied Psikofiziologjinë and Feedback in Biological , on breathing deeply can help n in reducing appetite. In fact, some slow breathing techniques , have proven to be very effective to fight cravings for food, helping many h those who are on a diet.

Proper breathing , is also a remedy for a s better sleep. According to a published 2020 study in the journal " Nature ", perform k young people without sleep disorders, slowdown of breathing before bi ni asleep , can ' you do enjoy your ni a deeper rest and increase ni sleep quality.

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