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7 sentences you should not say to your child at the table

7 sentences you should not say to your child at the table

The family dinner should hypothetically provide a moment to relax and reconnect at the end of a long day. In reality, it is not easy to gather everyone at the table and depending on the age of the children, it can be difficult to get everyone to eat together in harmony or to eat what you have cooked.

Without realizing it, you may be saying things about food that, while well-intentioned, won't help your child develop a healthy relationship with food and their body.

I'll eat the broccoli and then I'll give you dessert

Bargains like these are meant to encourage children to eat healthy foods. The problem is that it reinforces that what you are eating is not what you should be. You have to make him eat food because he needs to, not because he has to.

Enough pasta, eat more fruit

If the child is asking for a second plate of pasta, there are two reasons: either he is still hungry, or he liked the pasta. Why should they replace them with fruit? This is how you force him not to listen to his body.

You are competing to clean the plate first

Many of us grew up with the idea of ??being in the clean plate club. Motivational speeches often included references to starving children on another continent.

Don't waste food!

As nerve racking as watching your child pour a mountain of cereal into a bowl that you know he'll never finish, this phrase encourages kids to finish what's on their plate not because of hunger, but because avoid throwing away food.

Try at least one bite

We all want our children to be open to trying new foods. But there are several reasons not to try to force a child to eat, no matter how small the portion.

First, it creates a power struggle that you can never win.

Second, you don't want to get them into the habit of letting others tell them what to eat or how much. They may be safe now listening to your commands, but what about in the future when the directives come from a stranger on social media?

The fries will make us fat. They are bad for us.

If they are taught that a certain food is 'bad', children may feel they have to eat it in secret, hide the evidence, overeat it and feel ashamed of eating it.