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6 actions of patients that annoy the dentist

6 actions of patients that annoy the dentist

No one enjoys going to the dentist because of the 100 discomforts spent in that chair. But remember that it is easy for the dentist. There are some actions of patients that annoy the dentist.

They do not spit when their mouths are numb

Numbing the mouth is necessary for some procedures such as tooth extraction or fillings. But from the numbness comes the lack of saliva control. Thus patients forget to spit.

Licking the dentist's fingers

'The non-latex gloves used now are soft compared to the old-fashioned traditional ones, but still not lickable.

Swap your toothbrush with your partner's

No offense, but such a statement causes horror and panic in a dentist who knows oral hygiene better than anyone. Kiss him and then what? Brushing teeth often causes bleeding. And germs also come out through it.

To shake hands after putting your hands in your mouth the whole time

You don't even need to see the dentist at all. Especially after the pandemic.

Having left things in your teeth

Be careful, you may have brushed your teeth regularly, but on the way to the dentist you ate your nails.

Another tooth petting by the dentist is when patients leave things in their mouths, such as fingernails

Not brushing your teeth

Dentists say they have encountered patients who may have gone 20 years without brushing their teeth. There is nothing that terrifies a dentist more.