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6 foods you should never cook on the grill!

6 foods you should never cook on the grill!
Some culinary experts have named 10 dishes they do not recommend to grill. Some may surprise you.

Fish with tender meat

Joonas Jokiniemi, a former professional chef says that fish that have tender meat are not good for grilling as they have delicate meat that sticks behind the carrier and disintegrates.

Cleaned shrimp

When cooked on the grill, the shrimp receive a beautiful smoky level that highlights its natural sweet and salty notes, making it an ideal meal in warm weather. However, the secret of grilled shrimp is to keep the shells.


Not all vegan proteins are so good for grilling.

"I see a lot of people trying to drink tofu on the grill, but it breaks down and the result is not good," said Josh Healy, a chef.

Melting cheese

Any cheese that is able to melt will create a big mess on the grill and is not recommended by experts.

Pork chops

Pork shoulders and pork ribs are fantastic when cooked in the carrier, but you may be surprised to learn that pork chops are not as suitable for this type of cooking. "Contrary to popular belief, pork chops are not good on the grill because they have a lower fat content than pork shoulders. Therefore, they can be easily dried, ”said Jakob Esko, a chef.


The juice of a tomato is among its most appealing features, but it is also a major source of malfunction when grilling is involved.