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6 psychological tricks to make anyone you miss 

6 psychological tricks to make anyone you miss
Do you want someone to miss your presence? You do not need to manipulate or play games, but keep in mind some tested, super easy psychological tricks that can help you.

Your scent

A person's scent is so powerful, but many underestimate it. Your scent, your perfume evokes memories. Has the power to revive feelings and emotions. It must be unique to you in order for a person to identify it.

Be a little mysterious

No matter how talkative you are, try to refrain from exposure altogether. Keep some details and talents secret, let the person reveal you. If you want someone to think of you, take the peak of their curiosity, tell less about you and ask more about them. That way they will want to know more about you.

Get active on social media

Create the illusion that you are always having fun, going to amazing places and that you are interacting with interesting people. Let them know what they are missing out on.

To be independent

Being confident and independent is very sex for people. It generally means that you have a life of your own and that you are far from being sticky.

Leave something behind

Be it a bracelet, an earring, a hat or even a water bottle, just leave something behind. So when you are not around, when they see your things and then you miss them.