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6 phrases you should never say to a person who is suffering from mental health problems 

6 phrases you should never say to a person who is suffering from mental health

If someone you love is going through a difficult problem, it is natural to want to say something to help them.

But some phrases or topics can end up making the problem worse.

Below you have listed a list of phrases that may be useless to say to someone in a mental health crisis.

"Ignore the thoughts, they will go away "

Sherry Davis Molock, Associate Professor of Clinical Psychology at George Washington University points out that while it may be uncomfortable, it is important to let your friend or boyfriend feel whatever they are feeling.

Encouraging them not to talk about the problem will only complicate matters.

"Do not ask the person how he feels, because the way he feels is already known," he said.

"You're not thinking about suicide, are you?"

While the phrase itself here is not necessarily wrong, but the way it is said is.

If it comes out with concern it is likely to be well received, but if said in an unbelievable way it can cause more damage.

"So you ?!"

Dan Reidenberg, executive director of Suicide Awareness Education Voices, said: " No matter how many times this has happened to the person, each time is different. If this is true for them, it must be for you."

"Suicide is wrong / sin"

Your faith will not be useful to anyone who experiences suicidal thoughts.

Just because you think suicide is wrong, it will not diminish their struggle and may make them feel alienated.

Jessica Gold, an assistant professor in the Department of Psychiatry at the University of Washington, said: “ This is about your boyfriend and where the conversation is taking you. Your job is to listen and be there for them.

"Your job is to help them. You must not place your beliefs on them . "

"You are overdoing it too much"

By telling someone you are overdoing it too much, you can make him feel that he can not talk about his thoughts or emotions and can close a very important conversation.

Instead try and let them know that their feelings are valuable and you are on their side.

"But your life is wonderful"

No matter what kind of life they have, everyone can feel bad.

Then try to help them understand that getting professional help can be really helpful.