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6 sentences coming out of the mouths of manipulators

6 sentences coming out of the mouths of manipulators

The manipulator often makes you question your judgment, feelings, memories and reality. Because of its insidious nature, it can be difficult for victims to understand what is really going on.

The more you listen to it, the more you begin to believe that its version must be correct.

Manipulators use tactics of creating confusion, and this is a sign of weakness of their character. The term "distraction" that the manipulator inflicts on the victim is known in English as "Gaslight", from the film of the same title in 1938, which was later adapted into two other films. In the subject is a man trying to convince his wife that he is going crazy to distract him from his criminal behavior.

The abusive partner uses this distraction method to avoid taking responsibility for his bad behavior.

Some of the sentences these manipulators say are:

This has never happened!

Ooo how sensitive you are!

You are crazy and this is not just me but others.

You have a very bad memory. I remember things wrong.

I'm sorry you think I hurt you.

Well you should know how I would react. Why did you do it?

What to do if life puts you in front of such a man?

First, continue to believe your thoughts, no matter what the person in front of you says.

Keep every message and email on the phone.

Say you understand the game you are playing.

Know that despite your actions, this man's behavior will not change.

Talk to a trusted friend, family member, or therapist.