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5 common behaviors of a sociopath: They can be hard to spot

5 common behaviors of a sociopath: They can be hard to spot

By David J. Lieberman/ As a psychotherapist, I have spent most of my career studying interpersonal relationships and personality disorders—and have even trained personnel in the US military, the FBI, and the CIA.

One topic that I find most interesting is sociopathy, which is a term used to describe antisocial personality disorder. Sociopaths can wreak havoc in your life and can be harder to spot than psychopaths.

Common behaviors of a sociopath

1. The right in their interest

When it comes to defining right and wrong, for the sociopath, what is right is simply what is in their best interest. If it serves them well, they believe their actions are fully justified.

2. Their personality is designed to charm people in order to connect and manipulate

They usually make an extremely good first impression and come across as warm, empathetic and even altruistic.

3. They know how to make your blood boil.

Sociopaths know how to push the right psychological buttons to gain control in a relationship. Once they have achieved a degree of compliance, they will seek to undermine their target's emotional stability.

4. Their worst tendencies surface when they think they're losing control over you

When a sociopath detects that you are not "obedient", they will go into attack mode.

5. They display false humility

Sociopaths can sometimes show "great humility" by making themselves appear gentle and modest.

*David J. Lieberman is a psychotherapist in the USA