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5 things you should never tell your friends about your relationship

5 things you should never tell your friends about your relationship

Yes they are friends, we love them, you share everything about your life, however, everything has a limit. Being an open book is good, but some pages should always be locked, especially when it comes to your love relationship. Privacy is important no matter how close you are to your friends.

Below is a list of things you should not share with your friends about your love relationship no matter how close you are to them:

Financial situation

This is a topic that should not be discussed in detail. It is a sensitive matter and when another person is involved. Just figure it out together, ask for advice from people who aren't close to you, and be very smart with your words.

Everything your partner doesn't know

It is not wise to discuss matters related to your partner or something at home that you have not discussed with him first. This includes your partner's flaws as well. If something is bothering you, discuss it between yourselves first.

Private photos

Never share private photos of the two of you with friends, especially nude or provocative photos.

His/her past

What he or she has done in her/his past is something that is entrusted to you and you have no right to share it with anyone else. Do not betray the trust.

Sex life

What you do behind closed doors, under the sheets, is a very private subject. Your partner has exposed his/her most vulnerable side to you, has trusted you enough, why not!