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4 Japanese tricks to lose weight

4 Japanese tricks to lose weight

While a balanced diet and daily exercise are the keys to losing weight, if you are unable to stick to these due to a chaotic life and busy schedule, then here we bring you simple Japanese tricks to lose weight extra pounds in your body.

Eat a serving of vegetables first

Japanese eating culture focuses on consuming vegetables first before indulging in other foods. Eating a good portion of vegetables before your meal can make you feel fuller.

Chew your food properly

Proper chewing of food induces satiety and makes you feel fuller for a longer period of time. Moreover, it facilitates the digestion process.

Hot baths

Hot baths help improve blood circulation in the body, improve metabolism, speed up digestion and help detoxify pores which further aid in weight loss.

Do not drink water or any other drinks during your meals

Watery meals can damage or disrupt your digestive system. How? Water counterbalances the pH of stomach acid, which makes it extremely difficult for the body to break down food. In Japan, people usually do not drink water or any other type of drink with their meals.