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4 signs that you are emotionally tired of your partner

4 signs that you are emotionally tired of your partner
You feel so tired that you want a break every time you meet him. Many do not realize this, but often your partner can wear you down emotionally. Watch for these 4 signs to make sure it's happening in your relationship.

You keep thinking about fixing your partner's problems

If you're always worrying about your partner's problems and keep trying to fix them, then you know you're emotionally draining. Sometimes it's good, it's your partner we're talking about, but all the time it's not healthy for your mental health. If you're constantly offering support but know that when you need it, you might not get it, maybe you should back off.

You feel insignificant with them

If you're uncomfortable speaking up and walking around with the idea that your opinion doesn't matter, that's a problem. Maybe you've realized that in the end it's always about your partner's problems and that they tend to make everything about themselves. This is a big indicator that you are becoming emotionally exhausted.

You feel happier when you are alone

It's normal and very reasonable to want some time to yourself, but if you crave being alone all the time when you're with your partner, it means you need a mental and emotional break.

You feel exhausted all the time

When you feel exhausted all the time not only after work, but also during vacations when it is just you and your partner, then it is possible that you are emotionally exhausted. You should be calm and happy when you are with your partner. If he/she keeps fighting, makes you rack your brains all the time and you stay tense, then what's the point?