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4 objects in the room that are giving your child nightmares at night

4 objects in the room that are giving your child nightmares at night

Children have incredibly active imaginations – so it's no wonder that at night, when they can't see properly, their little minds go into overdrive.

They might spot something in their room—a pile of clothes, for example—that they think is a monster. Or they see something moving around the room and it scares them.

According to experts there are certain furnishings in your child's room that can contribute to night terrors. Here's what parents need to know.

1. Mirrors

First, remove any mirrors. If there are mirrors in your child's room, place them so that they are not visible from the bed.

2. Keep clutter to a minimum

Any clutter in your child's bedroom has the potential to cause night terrors – so keep the room tidy.

A pile of clothes might not look too scary during the day, but it can turn into something much more sinister under the cover of darkness.

3. Install minimalist curtains

Curtains are often a source of fear in children's rooms, experts say, allowing little imaginations to create images of someone or something hiding behind them. Wear small curtains or no curtains at all.

4. Rethink any wall art

Superheroes are very popular among children, but action-themed wallpaper, decor or artwork can also contribute to their night terrors. Experts recommend avoiding anything with violent or hostile images that show weapons, fight scenes or aggressive action, such as fighting superheroes, ninjas or sharks.

Instead, choose calm artwork, family photos or framed drawings of the children themselves.