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4 ways to create spiritual intimacy with your partner 

4 ways to create spiritual intimacy with your partner
Even in a relationship, there comes a point when our partner no longer feels as special as they once did.

Here, you have 4 ways to build spiritual intimacy with your partner for a successful lifelong relationship.

1. Know who you are

To truly connect spiritually with a loved one, you must first know yourself, inside and out. So consider your beliefs and values; what is most important to you? What are your goals and desires? Before you can fully connect with your partner, you must first understand yourself.

2. Forgive previous mistakes

In order to move forward, we must forgive in order to grow. Holding on to past wrongdoings can only lead to resentment and bitterness. It makes no difference whether you experienced this in your current relationship or in a previous marriage. Start with a blank slate so you can build new levels of understanding with your partner. Leave no trace of toxicity behind.

3. Commit to something more meaningful

The revolutionary idea that your role is to support each other on your path to ultimate evolution, to becoming your best selves, elevates a spiritual partnership above and beyond an ordinary relationship. Make it clear that you are seeking spiritual growth, not just physical security or emotional support. This means that you are helping each other on your way to becoming a more "educated" being.

4. Bring your spirituality into your relationship

When you and your partner are at odds with each other or in a bad place in general, turn to your spirituality for comfort. Allow your partner to participate in this comfort zone with you. When you and your partner are unable to resolve a problem, turn to your spiritual beliefs. Let your spiritual beliefs guide your relationship. Let your shared beliefs guide your decision-making with your partner.