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4 expert tips for building a lasting relationship

4 expert tips for building a lasting relationship

Every relationship changes over time. Among all the latest developments that cause whipping in the world (pandemics! Politics!). One thing has remained constant: People continue to fall in love. A number of surveys have concluded that married people are generally happier than unmarried people.

"Our love affair is ever-evolving," says Helen Fisher, a senior fellow at the Kinsey Institute.

Below are four tips from Fisher for a long and happy relationship.

Noise season

The first or second year of a relationship is affected by several serious factors: dreaming about your partner; seeing the best in him and having sex, sex and more sex - an activity that helps the relationship.

Deepening engagement

After a few years of relationship, the early euphoria fades a bit, but instead it is something better: trust. You discover your secrets, hopes and dreams, which creates intimacy. As you share every aspect of your life, you come to understand each other more clearly and, often, take care of each other more deeply.

Permanent storms

Every couple has conflicts, and sometimes they occur during challenging periods, high financial stress, or you are raising children.

Helping your partner understand the underlying reasons why you are upset can reduce conflict. Be specific, you might say, I feel angry with you because you went out with your friends instead of helping me at home.


Here is some hopeful news: Researchers at Pennsylvania State University and Brigham Young University found that marital quality improves after 20 years. As shared activities diminish in the first two decades, happy couples who have a lot of time together start doing more fun things together again, like visiting friends and taking walks. Disagreement also diminishes.