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3 signs that you are in a wrong relationship

3 signs that you are in a wrong relationship

I do not deserve it. He needs to be with someone better. I have to work hard for myself to reach his level. If you get these thoughts during a relationship, it is a signal that something is wrong. Because being in a relationship means being confident in yourself, embracing your own and someone else’s flaws, and knowing that you are irreplaceable in the life of your twin soul.

However, when a relationship makes you feel insecure, demotivated and your flaws tend to overwhelm you, you need to think seriously. Because in most cases, such thoughts are evidence that you are not being valued, encouraged, and loved enough to have that confidence in yourself and in your relationship.

So here are some red flags you should not ignore when you are in a relationship.

You try hard to impress your better half

If you have made a constant effort to impress your partner, but to no avail and at the cost of losing yourself, you need to stop, think, and move on. Because after all it is better to be alone than to be with someone who makes you feel that you are not worthy enough.

You are getting ghosts from time to time

It's futile for everyone to need some time for themselves, and a little privacy, but if that privacy is turning into secrecy, and eventually, you end up being ghosts, it's better to go ahead and escape the trauma. Asking for some time and space is perfectly fine, but doing it often without a proper explanation or reason is nothing but proof that you are no longer the only one for them. So set your boundaries and do not let anyone cross them.

No matter what you do, it is never enough

If you are the one who takes the first step and does everything you can to make your partner smile, and he is not returning it, you should know that it is a bright red flag. Also, if your efforts are considered minimal, it also shows that whatever you do will never be enough for your partner.