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24 sentences a narcissist says to you

24 sentences a narcissist says to you

Perpetua Neo, clinical psychologist has summarized all the sentences that a narcissist says, in three stages of the relationship.

The stage of idealism

'You are my soulmate.'

'I've never met anyone like you before.'

'You understand me much better than anyone else.'

'It's luck that we met.'

'I've never felt this way about anyone before.'

'Am I your only friend? You are my only friend.'

'We don't need anyone else.'

'You are so kind, creative, smart, beautiful and perfect.'

'We will be together forever.'

Depreciation phase

'You are crazy.'

'You are very sensitive.'

'No wonder no one else likes you.'

'My friends hate you, but I will always protect you.'

'You are so insecure.'

'What's wrong with you?'

'Am I not more important to you than friends?'

'Your tears don't work with me. Why are you crying?'

'You are so manipulative.'

The final stage

'Everybody hates you.'

'You are a bad person'.

No one else will ever love you.

'I'm the best you'll ever have.'

'Enjoy being alone for the rest of your life.'

'You did this to yourself.'