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12 tips on how to resist a long flight with children

12 tips on how to resist a long flight with children

If you are going to do long flights this summer, with children with you, you need to know some tips in advance. In order not to ruin your vacation before you start.

Involve children in the process. Pack your bags together and treat this trip as an adventure.

Take a practical wheelchair with you. The child can stay at the airport, but it also serves to keep the extra things, bag, sweater.

If you can choose the place at the moment, choose near a grandmother. They give warm smiles and are always there to give you a helping hand.

Take care of children's ears so that they are not blocked by landings and take-offs. If it is small, a puppy or pacifier solves the work. If he is an adult, give him water to drink or something to eat. So enough to overcome.

Take clothes with you. Once there will be heat and once cold. May sweat or get wet with water.

Do not be among the first. Spend a little more time at the airport. This way the baby will have more space.

Pack snacks (small meals). It is never known what and when a child can be eaten and the food on the plane is not where it should be.

Get something small to reward him for good behavior. You will need it.

Get new toys and books. He mourned the old.

Forget the rule you set for the time on the phone. This case is an exception.

Get small but dynamic toys.

Do not forget to put him to sleep, otherwise he will quarrel and you will have nowhere to take him.

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