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10 actions that totally ruin the first date

10 actions that totally ruin the first date

Let's be honest, the first date is not easy. Forget the word 'Be yourself'. At least the first meeting requires an introduction. One of life's most complex problems is finding the right balance.

Here are 10 totally weird things people often do on first dates.

1. Heading into food

Ok, you went out to eat, but you also went out to talk, to get to know each other better. It's still a good idea to maintain eye contact while listening, and it hasn't gone out of style. It is unacceptable to enter with mugs on your plate.

2. Acting like someone handed you a microphone and you're on a podium.

To avoid awkwardness on the first date, it is better not to talk about politics or religion. Make sure you don't overwhelm the other person while discussing something you're passionate about.

3. First questions

One person can learn a lot about another in the first seven seconds of a meeting. Most of us know the importance of maintaining good personal hygiene and dressing professionally, but sometimes we need a little push in the right direction.

4. Drinking like you're in a club.

On a first date, it's natural to have a drink or two to relax a bit. A great local beer would be great.

5. Behavior of a wingman (or wingwoman).

It is your right to leave a date if she or he has brought along a sibling or friend. You don't even have to make an excuse and run away.

6. Don't tell him what to eat.

It's okay if someone tells me what to eat, even on a first date. The problem is it will be imposed on me. When he is vegan and hates meat for example.

7. Turning the conversation into a narrative.

The desire to impress a partner is a common reason why individuals talk endlessly about themselves on a first date.

8. Acting like a love maniac.

Many people are too hesitant or afraid to go that far. Don't ask them when they're going to stop using Tinder now that they're dating you exclusively. Don't ask if they are available to meet your parents tomorrow night. Don't act like you've been single for ten years, even if you have. It does not look good.

9. Being overconfident

First dates can be nerve-wracking, but it's perfectly normal to feel a little nervous. Try to learn as much as possible about him, but do not show your intelligence on the first date. Keep a steady pace by going with the flow. Overconfidence will spoil your overall image.

10. Don't steal her first kiss

You will say goodbye and she is leaving. Don't kiss her without approval. If you don't want today, don't take it personally.