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10 professions where employees are happiest

10 professions where employees are happiest

Money alone does not make you happy! This is also proven by a long-term study by Harvard University professor Howard Gardner. He surveyed more than a thousand Americans for his Good Work Project about their job satisfaction.

The results in this study were surprising. Music stars, professional footballers or managers do not belong in this classification.

At the top of the ranking are handicrafts or those whose work is in contact with other people. Money doesn't seem to matter that much. In fact, in the first three places of the classification are professions that do not have that much prestige and are poorly paid.

According to the Indeed Happiness Index 2016, the top five factors for job satisfaction are good work-life balance, being skilled, leadership skills, work culture and job security, as well as good career prospects.


1. Architects and nurses – 62% satisfied with their profession.

2. 64% of lawyers are happy with their work.

3. 65% of doctors love their job.

4. Engineers, a tiring job no doubt, yet two-thirds of engineers love their work.

5. 67% of people working in the tourism industry are happy with their work.

6. 69% of scientists feel satisfied with their work.

7. People who work in marketing, advertising & PR seem to be 75% happy with their profession.

8. Customer appreciation and flexible hours are the reasons 76% of plumbers are satisfied with their craft.

9. Doing something different is a good thing in itself - maybe this is why hairdressers and stylists are considered lucky - 79% feel satisfied with what they do.

10. Despite modest salaries, 87% of gardeners say they are really happy with the choice they made.