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10 people show the strange reasons why they were fired

10 people show the strange reasons why they were fired

"During college I had a summer job. But the supervisor harassed me. I showed up at home dad and brother. They went, met him and debated. "As a result, I was fired."

"I was in a leadership position and one of my team was lying on my desk. It did not feel good. The CEO called me to the office and told me not to give him the day off because he would not pay a whole day off for her. I walked out of his office and gave him the day off. "After this moment, I was fired."

"My wife of 16 years died very suddenly in August. My colleagues did not feel well because I cried constantly in the office. So I took 6 days off. "The bosses wanted me to come back as soon as possible, so I refused, and they fired me."

"I was the nanny of a child and we were on vacation. "The little one preferred to play with me more than with his mother, so I was fired."

"I spoke openly about my mental health problems and asked if I could leave an hour and a half earlier, twice a month, to see my therapist. I was fired. "

"I told a colleague that another colleague had sexually abused me and I was fired."

"I wrote an email telling the boss that we needed to update the software license. He did not read it at all. "Two weeks later, when the problem became apparent, I was fired because I had not updated the software."

"I declared on Facebook that I was planning to become a transsexual and I was fired."

"I never work overtime, especially on my birthday. "When they asked me, I refused and was fired."

"The only time the boss logged on to my Twitter account, he was forced to fire me. "I do not say the reason."

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